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What is GOST Certification System? Does my company need to undergo the certification process for its products?

GOST standards were developed in USSR in 1930s as a part of its national standardization strategy. The word GOST stands for GOsudarstvennyy STandart (which means state standard). GOST is a set of technical standards maintained by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology, part of the Russian federal executive system and is under jurisdiction of Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation.

Why is it required?

GOST-R standards serve as the regulatory basis for government and private-sector certification programs throughout Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Proper certificates are required for product shipment to Russia and for customs clearance. Additionally, the certificates are required for obtaining various permits by the end users.

Where do I find all the necessary information about GOST System?

Unfortunately, there is no official user-friendly source. Some basic information can be found at, Russia’s Federal Agency on Technical regulation and Metrology website. Please feel free to contact GOST-Expert to identify the certification requirements for your company and products.

How do I know which certificate and/or permit is required for my products?

Certification requirements may be communicated in the contract by the buyer. Another way is to enquire at a certification firm such as ours. Lastly, the site may be consulted.

Can I apply for GOST certificates and permits directly without hiring a certification firm?

In theory, yes. All document submissions must be in Russian, and must be filed locally with the Russian authorities. The processing times are unspecified, and rejection rate is high due to incorrect or incomplete application. In many cases the involvement of an accredited certification agency is required as certain documents (testing protocols, expert conclusions, etc.) must be obtained from authorized and accredited agents.

Who issues the GOST certificates and permits?

ALL Russian certificates and permits are issued, printed and sealed in Russia by the corresponding Federal Agency. Every certificate or permit is signed by an accredited official, mandated by the Federal Government.

How does GOST System compare to other certification systems?

Please see the table below.
Geographic Coverage Russia and some CIS countries Glogal network of national standards institutes of 163 countries EU region
Supervising Authority Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of Russian Federation International Organization for Standardization, a non-governmental organization Self-declaration is guided by European Commission
Certification Process Conformity is established by an accredited certification agency, certificates printed and signed by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology A formal ISO audit process is conducted by an ISO accredited registrar EC conformity assessment is performed by manufacturer
Issuing Authority GOST-R certificates are signed by a licensed and accredited technical experts Certificate is signed by ISO registrar EC declaration of conformity is signed by manufacturer
Displaying Conformity GOST-R Certificate Manufacturer affixes the GOST marking to it ISO certificate
ISO mark
CE self-declaration statement
Manufacturer affixes the CE marking to it
Use Certificates are required for shipment and customs clearance, marketing and distributing in Russia and some CIS states INternal productivity, customer satisfaction, competitiveness Documentation must be available to authorities on request for free product movement within the EU market

How do I verify my certificate's authenticity?

Each certificate must have a unique number (in the upper right corner), an official GOST seal (at the bottom), and names and signatures of the experts from the accredited Expert Organizations. The authenticity of the certificate can be verified by checking the certificate's number at the Russian local customs office. Also, it can be verified by checking the listing of the Expert Organization in the list of all accredited Expert Organizations available at . Please see the illustration bellow (click to enlarge).

Certificate Authenticity

What are the service guarantees?

Each certification agency has its own practices and service delivery guarantee policies. At GOST-Expert we do not invoice clients until certificates are printed and delivered to a client. We do not require down-payments or service deposits. Prices are communicated in price quotes, available upon request.

Can one be turned down or not quality for the GOST certificate or permit?

Application for a GOST certificate or a permit doesn't automatically guarantee it will be awarded. Each case is individual, and success depends on understanding of the certification process and requirements. If everything done correctly, the success rate is very high. We are proud to say that all applications filed by the GOST-Expect for our clients in 2010 were approved in a timely manner!


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