RTN Permit to Use

RTN (RosTechNadzor) Permit to Use is required for on-site commissioning and operation of certain types of technical devices that fall in the category of heavy machinery and industrial equipment. The Permit is issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russian Federation for the period of five years. The Permit may be issued for individual components as well as for the entire setup when its component parts perform interrelated and enabling functions. Commissioning and operation of heavy machinery, equipment and technical devices at industrial sites without a valid RTN Permit is strictly prohibited.

RTN Permit to Use is granted on the basis of expert conclusion on industrial safety, issued by a licensed and accredited organization with the appropriate accreditation scope. Expert conclusions are issued in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" and the Rules of examination of industrial safety and regulatory statutes of RosTechNadzor.

Expert conclusions can be issued only by those professional organizations licensed to perform industrial safety and hazardous operations testing and analysts. Their license must be issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. All licenses are issued on the Federal Service’s letterhead and contain a unique serial number and follow the format ДЕ-00-000000 to prevent forgery. All licenses are dated and have a expiration date and are signed by the head of the Federal Service.

RTN (RosTechNadzor) Permit to Use
Issued To Manufacturer
Validity Period Five years
Documents Required Valid Certificate of Conformity TR;
Technical Expert Conclusion;
Technical Passport;
Product Documentation, including product brochure, operating manuals, testing protocols, etc.
For complete list of documents please contact us directly
Use Commissioning and operation, on-site inspection


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