Voluntary GOST-R Certificate

Voluntary Certification

Voluntary Certification

Voluntary certificate is issued for those products that do not require certification when the importer still wants to demonstrate the compliance with the GOST-R standard requirement. The certificate is not a requirement, but has the same properties and uses as required certificate (it is colored blue). Though not required for product to enter Russian commercial space, voluntary certificates are used a a powerful marketing tool and a competative differentiator to capture the Russian market.

Valid for: One or three years

Processing time: 14-21 days from receipt of complete documents.

Please contact us to learn whether your products require this type of approval or registration. We will be happy to assist you with any certification or registration/approval requirement.

Exemption Letter

In cases when no certification is required for the particular type or category of products, an Exemption Letter is required to prove that the product is not a subject to the Mandatory GOST R Certification. The Exemption Letters are oftentimes requested by the Russian customs authorities to verify the product's exemption from the mandatory certification requirement and in case of ambiguous product coding due to discrepancy between the Russian Product Classification OKP and the Foreign Trade Classifications TNVED.

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