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GOST-R is administered by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC CIS). The following countries have adopted all or some of GOST standards in addition to their own, nationally developed standards: Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan.

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TR CU Certificates

On September 15, 2009 a new set of technical regulations, governing the production and operation of heavy machinery and industrial objects, has been decreed by the Federal Government of Russian Federation in the effort to modernize and simplify the GOST system. The new law has been enacted on September 15, 2010, affecting the certification system and requirements.

Exemption Letter

Exemption Letters

Exemption letter confirms that exported or sold products are not a subject to mandatory GOST R certification in Russia. Refusal Explanation Letters - the main aim of that document it to prove customs that product doesn't need obligatory certificate and Information Letters (References) - provides information why your product does not need the GOST/TR CU certificate.

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You can count on us as trusted consultants. We help you navigate uneasy and cumbersome process of preparing application for certification.


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You can count on us also in the field of training. We arrange workshops for sales managers as well as seminars about current Russian standards and rules.

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It was a pleasure working with a company like GOST-Expert. From beginning to end they were available to answer all questions and made the process of Russian certification easy and cost effective
It was a pleasure working with a company like GOST-Expert. From beginning to end they were available to answer all questions and made the process of Russian certification easy and cost effective
We had a large project in Russia and after comparing estimates from other certification companies in the market, we realized that GOST-Expert was our best choice. Not only were they extremely professional to deal with but they also offered the best rates of any other company. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Technical Regulations of the Customs Union is a regulatory document that establishes mandatory requirements for goods that are distributed in the territory of the Customs Union. The technical regulations establish the minimum requirements for the indicators of quality, safety, ergonomics of goods, regulate the process of manufacturing goods, their packaging, transportation, storage, use, installation, operation, storage, transportation, sale, disposal. CU TR has a supranational, international status. Certification services in Florida USA are applied within one CU member state.

Objectives of the technical regulation:

  • protection of life and health of citizens, property of individuals / legal entities, state / municipal property;
  • enviromental protection;
  • prevention of actions that mislead consumers;
  • resource saving.
EAC export certification services ensure the quality and safety of products entering the territory of the Customs Union. To date, the list of technical regulations of the customs union (CU TR) consists of 47 regulations. Requirements for the quality of goods in circulation in the territory of the Customs Union:
  • ensuring the safety of life and health of citizens;
  • environmental Safety;
  • observance of the rights of consumers of goods;
  • energy efficiency and resource saving.
EAC certification services apply to new products that are manufactured at the enterprises of the Customs Union and foreign goods imported into the EAEU countries. All imported goods must meet the criteria of technical regulations. The processing time usually takes several hours. Costs of EAC certification depends on the type of product, the validity period of the issued document, and inspection control. Products that have successfully passed the assessment in accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union are marked with the EAC conformity mark.