As Russian certification increasingly becomes a competitive differentiator for many firms that export directly to Russia or supply their product to third-party integrators, the need for competent and reliable certification service providers is growing. We feel that our vast experience, global presence and reliable service differentiate us from the rest of the competition


GOST-K certificate of conformity is issued in Russia. It confirms product quality and conformity in accordance with GOST standards. The certificate can be issued for 1, 2 or 3 years. The GOST-K certificate is issued by the certification bodies authorised by Gosstandard.

Since 25 September 2010 new regulations came into force on certification equipment, production lines, plants and products of various kinds From September 2010 all future GOST certificates should be replaced with relevant Reglament of Conformity TR CU Certificate.
Some non-GOST certifications, such as, UkrSEPRO, GosPromNadzor (Belarus) and Metrology Certifications are obtain through non-Russian government bodies in different countries. Some products may also require additional certifications from TR CU / GOST departments.

Additional Services


GOST-Expert offers expert technical translation services for all types of product documentation, including user manuals, technical specifications,

Training & Consulting

You can count on us also in the field of training and consulting. We arrange workshops for sales managers as well as seminars about current Russian standards and rules.

exemption letters

Exemption letter confirms that exported or sold products are not a subject to mandatory GOST-R or TR CU certification requirements.

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