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TR CU (EAC) certification – this abbreviation stands for the technical regulation of the Customs Union and means the receipt of a document in the system of mandatory quality assessment of the Eurasian Economic Union, which confirms that the products specified in it fully meet the requirements of technical regulations.

Now the Customs Union includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. To obtain Customs Union TR CU (EAC) Certifications – permission to sell products on their territory, you need to issue certificates of conformity.

TR CU certification of the customs union informs about the quality of goods and performs a licensing function. If the technical regulation provides for a Certification TRCU, then the lack of a document of conformity (TR CU EAC) makes it impossible to legally conduct commercial activities. For example, for the sale of pressure equipment, a TR CU 032/2013 Pressure Equipment Safety is required.


Most Common TR CU Certificates

Machinery and automotive

TR CU 10 - Machinery & Equipment Safety

This technical regulation extends to machines and equipment. Regulation establishes a minimum requirements safety of machines and equipment in the process of development (designing), manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, storage, transportation, marketing and disposal. TR CU 10 was created to protect human life or health, property, environment, animals life and health. Goal of TR CU 10 Certificate was to prevent actions that mislead consumers.

elevator safety certificate

TR CU 11 - Elevator Safety

This technical regulation of the Customs Union (currently Eurasian Economic Union) applies to freight and passenger elevators used in shafts, on ships and other vessels, airplanes, platforms for exploration and drilling at sea, etc. and their safety devices, i.e. buffers, speed governors, locking devices, catches, etc.

Explosive Certificate

TR CU 12 - Explosive and Flammable Proof Certification

Also known as (Fire Safety Certificate) The TR CU 012/2011 EAC was created for electrical devices, their components and to equipment not running on electrical power that operate in fire-hazardous environment (for example, mine shaft). European Union equivalent of this certificate is ATEX, but, unlike ATEX directive, the EAC TR CU 012/2011 does not apply to devices for medical use.

TR CU 32 - Safety of Equipment Working Under Pressure

Old RTN Certification is responsible for specification for vessels for gases, liquefied gases dissolved under pressure and vapors. Specifications are set for a ratio of maximum allowable operating pressure to volume. Conformity certificate covers equipment, such as, boilers, pipelines, parts (assembly units) and its components designed to be accommodated on the equipment and to withstand the pressure.

EAC (TR CU) – Certification Agency issues TR CU Certification (EAC) in stages:

  1. Acceptance of the application, identification of the product, verification of documents
  2. Analysis of production conditions, selection of samples of goods, examination
  3. Evaluation of the verification results, making a decision on compliance, registering the document in the register and issuing the Certificate of Conformity TR CU to the applicant


For measuring equipment used in the Customs Union, the metrological TR CU Certificate is mandatory. Currently, there is the EAC TR CU CERTIFICATE certification, which facilitates the issuance of a metrological certificate.

In November 2016, the leadership of the Customs Union decided to create CIS Certification BV, a subsidiary company that specializes in fast and reliable TR CU Certification Services for industrial applications in the gas, oil and chemical industries.

The certificate can be used immediately in all countries of the Customs Union. For example, TR CU Certification for Russia operates in the territories of the countries of the entire Union. Russian TR CU certificate is valid for the export of products to all 5 countries of the Customs Union.

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