GOST Certificates

A question asked by many industrial exporters. While GOST certification process is being replaced by appropriate TR CU equivalent, GOST is still used.

If there is no “Technical Regulation” in the Customs Union or in Russia for a product, but proof of conformity is compulsory, a GOST R Certificate or a Declaration of Conformity is still required for the export. Certified products must be identified with the GOST R conformity symbol.

Russia’s entrance into the WTO, in August 2012, will normalize trade between Customs Union countries and partners. Russia has 3 – 7 year transition period to make a full integration. But some of the most protected industries, such as the automotive, will not transition to the new rates until the end of this period.

For products imported to Kazakhstan, the subset of GOST-K was created. The issued conformity documents are valid in the whole territory of the Customs Union, i.e. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. During the transitional period until 2015. Therefore, the old GOST certificates which are still valid can be used until their expiration date.

Common GOST (GOST-R, GOST-K) Certificates

GOSSTROY Construction Certificate

GOSSTROY Certification (Defunct)

Certificate Gosstroy (SG) - was a certification document that was issued in Russia to certify the compliance of construction materials, products and some equipment. Today GOSSTROY is abolished and is no longer issued. However, new TR CU Certificates have replaced GOSSTROY.

Metrological Certificate

Metrological Certificate

The metrological certificate is a special variant of the GOST-R certificate. It concerns mostly the operating security of measuring equipments. This certificate will be issued directly by the agency for technical regulation and metrology Rostechreguliervanie (Ros-Tekh-Regulyi-Rovanye). The basis of permission is the proceeding test of equipments by accredited experts of a state metrological institution.

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