GOST-R certifications for Russia

The GOST R certificate of conformity is a document that confirms that the goods indicated in it fully comply with the requirements for them, which are established by GOST R standards or technical conditions of the GOST R Certification for the Russian market.

Manufacturers, suppliers, sellers who plan to sell the declared products on the territory of Russia must confirm the compliance of the goods with the established requirements of the state standard and receive a GOST R certifications for Russia. It is illegal to conduct business without the appropriate document – GOST R Certificate of Conformity. Violation of the law can lead to the accrual of a large fine, the suspension of the business and the confiscation of goods.

Declaration of Conformity GOST R

Technical regulations (Declaration of Conformity GOST R) replace the old system of state standards. In 2010, the Russian Federation adopted a resolution that determines which products are subject to mandatory certification with Russian GOST standards. Products can be certified on a voluntary basis. The obtained Russia-GOST R certification is a confirmation of the compliance of a particular product with the quality and safety GOST R conformity for Russia established by the current regulations.

Common GOST (GOST-R, GOST-K) Certificates

GOSSTROY Construction Certificate

GOSSTROY Certification (Defunct)

Certificate Gosstroy (SG) - was a certification document that was issued in Russia to certify the compliance of construction materials, products and some equipment. Today GOSSTROY is abolished and is no longer issued. However, new TR CU Certificates have replaced GOSSTROY.

Metrological Certificate

Metrological Certificate

The metrological certificate is a special variant of the GOST-R certificate. It concerns mostly the operating security of measuring equipments. This certificate will be issued directly by the agency for technical regulation and metrology Rostechreguliervanie (Ros-Tekh-Regulyi-Rovanye). The basis of permission is the proceeding test of equipments by accredited experts of a state metrological institution.

Russia is a certification body that has the necessary accreditation, as well as the authority to issue EAC TR & GOST-R Certification of conformity and technical regulations.

With voluntary Certification for compliance with GOST-R, the customer can choose the regulatory documents according to which the quality control will be carried out, or develop his own technical conditions. The presence of a voluntary GOST R Certificate for Russia makes it possible to receive large orders, expand the sales market, and increase the company’s prestige among consumers, partners and potential customers.

GOST-R Certification in Russia is an official document confirming the compliance of a specific product with the requirements specified in the Technical Regulations. A GOST-R Quality Certificates can be issued by a certification accredited body.

Law of 2002 No. 184 “On Technical Regulation” defines the rules for issuing of GOST R Conformity Certificate. Its distinguishing feature is the specific required GOST standards. The law specifically lists the products subject to certification. Russia has all the appropriate accreditation required to comply with the compliance procedures set out in the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

Voluntary GOST R Certification process follows the specific procedures. The requesting GOST R Certification service has the option to select products in this case. The received certificate is a complete confirmation of the compliance of a particular product with the quality and safety standards established by the current regulations.

The time required to issue a certificate can take up to 7 days and depends on the type of product being certified and the type of certificate selected. The GOST certification cost also depends on the type of product and is determined in each case on an individual basis.

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