GOSPROMNADZOR Belarus Certificate

Gos-Prom-Nadzor (GPN) is a special type of certificate that is valid for Belarus and Ukraine. The role of monitoring and supervision in the field of industrial safety, as well as transportation of hazardous materials. It is governed by the Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus, GosPromNadzor (GPN). The GPN Permit is an authorization of putting equipment into service on sites whose activities are controlled by the GosPromNadzor. This permit is issued based on the expertise of industrial safety GPN.

Numerous products fall under this regulation as well as,chemical and physical processes, storage of such products, physical processes that take place in explosive environments (mixtures of gases, vaporous, mixture of dust with air and other oxidants). Various industries, from metallurgy and ferrous metallurgy, gas delivery equipment and systems, gas, oil and derivatives pipelines, underground gas storage also fall under this certificate.

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