EAC Certification news


January – September 2021, the volume of foreign trade with countries outside the EAEU amounted to more than 596 billion US dollars, which is one third more than in the same period last year. The level of the dock January-September 2019 was exceeded by 11%. Exports increased by 39%, imports by 24%. In January-September 2021, the volume of mutual trade amounted to almost 52 billion US dollars, which is 32.5% more than in January-September 2020, and 16.5% higher than the dock period of January-September 2019. The growth in export volumes in mutual trade was recorded in all states of the Union. The largest growth was observed in Kazakhstan (more than 39%) and Russia (35.6%). More detailed statistical information is presented in the section “Statistics of foreign and mutual trade in goods” on the page of the statistics department in the express review.