EAC certification News


About 44% of Russian entrepreneurs in the field of milk production have registered in the “Honest Sign” digital marking system. This is reported in a joint study of the cloud service for trade management for small and medium-sized businesses “My Warehouse” and the system “Honest Sign”, conducted in September among data across Russia.

It follows from the study that of the legal entities that will have to introduce labeling (it became mandatory since September 1, 2021), 89% have registered in the Honest Mark system, and 44% among individual entrepreneurs. If we talk about the third stage of mandatory labeling, which starts on December 1, 2021, then among legal entities 84% ​​became participants in the labeling system, among individual entrepreneurs – 14%.

Analysts attribute this to the fact that there are “smeared” deadlines for different types of dairy products. The dates of mandatory connection to the system depend on the expiration date of the product. If an entrepreneur produces different products, then it is difficult for him to navigate the timing. Secondly, it is long and expensive to connect to labeling for a small business.

“Although a single label costs only 50 kopecks, companies have to buy label printers and scanners for warehouses and retail outlets to scan new batches, implement new accounting systems and reflash online.