EAC Declarations news



More than 9 thousand tons of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries were imported to Primorye

5 703.8 tons of vegetables, fruits and berries were imported from China. Since the beginning of the year, 68,529.4 tons of fruits and vegetables from China have been imported to the Primorsky Territory.

From June 7 to June 13, 732 tons of bananas were imported into the territory of the Russian Federation from Ecuador. In addition, 979 tons of apples and kiwi were imported from New Zealand, 907.2 tons of pears and apples from Argentina, 187.8 tons of lemons, pears and apples from South Africa, 183.8 tons of grapes, apples and pears from Chile, 369.1 tons of oranges from Egypt, 46.9 tons of pineapples, mango and passion fruit from Vietnam.

Over the past week, 319.7 tons of potatoes from Pakistan and 51.2 onions from New Zealand were imported through the coastal phytosanitary posts.