EX TR CU 012/2011- ATEX



Working with industrial electrical equipment involves taking heightened precautions: these types of equipment are the most dangerous in the event of an accident or emergency. In industrial terminology, electrical appliances of technical equipment manufactured in compliance with all safety standards are called explosion-proof equipment.

The category of explosion-proof electrical equipment or Ex equipment includes all types of equipment designed to work in explosive atmospheres. The ex-component built into such equipment serves as a special device that prevents the ignition of a potentially explosive atmosphere: it prevents the spread of an explosion by keeping it inside the equipment case, isolates the contact of a spark with air, or is part of an intrinsically safe electrical circuit.

The scope of application divides explosion-proof equipment into two groups:

Equipment designed for work in mines, mines and quarries;
Equipment designed for outdoor and indoor installations operating in explosive environments, except for underground workings of mines and mines.
In addition, telecommunication facilities and devices used to store, transmit, convert, regulate and consume electricity fall into the category of Ex-equipment.

Explosion-proof equipment is marked with a conformity mark – a special Ex-marking containing information: