Germany cut exports to Russia in December by 59.8% .

Germany reduced exports to Russia in December 2022 by 16.7% compared to November – to 0.9 billion euros, according to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis).

The volume of German exports to Russia in the month before last was 59.8% lower than in December 2021.

Imports from Russia in December remained virtually unchanged compared to November and amounted to 1.6 billion euros.

In 2022, in general, the supply of German products to the Russian Federation fell by 43.7%, to 14.9 billion euros, while German imports of Russian goods increased by 6.5%, to 35.3 billion euros.

The total volume of German exports, adjusted for calendar and seasonal factors, in December amounted to 127.4 billion euros, which is 6.3% lower than in November, but 5.9% higher than in December 2021.

The volume of imports decreased by 6.1% on a monthly basis, to 114.2 billion euros, but was 3.2% higher than a year earlier.

Germany’s trade surplus amounted to 9.7 billion euros compared to 6.3 billion euros a year earlier.

Exports of German goods to the EU countries in December decreased by 4% compared to the previous month, to the eurozone countries – by 3.2%. Deliveries to non-EU countries fell by 9.1%.

Imports from the EU in the month before last fell by 4.8%, from the eurozone – by 4.9%, from third countries – by 7.4%