Rosakkreditatsiya How to know if your product passed the safety test?


We want to be sure that the products we buy are safe. What can such confidence be based on? Goods for home, work and leisure, for children and adults must comply with international standards.

In Russia, as in the rest of the world, the assessment of goods for compliance with quality and safety standards is carried out using tests, inspection and certification procedures.

Such assessments are carried out by organizations independent of the state. To do this, they must confirm their right to carry out such activities, in our country – to receive accreditation from the Federal Accreditation Agency.

Accreditation is a worldwide trend. Thanks to the accreditation system, you can be sure that the manufacturer or seller of goods, for example, children’s toys, has checked their quality and safety.

At points of sale, be it shops, supermarkets or markets, all safety-tested products are accompanied by special documents – certificates or declarations.