Rosakkreditatsiya transferred information about 4.3 million certificates and declarations to the national labeling system

The Russians now have the opportunity to check directly before purchasing the goods through the “Honest Mark” mobile application whether the products have been tested for compliance with safety requirements. Already now, when scanning the QR code with the application, for some goods, you can see whether a certificate or declaration is valid for the goods. By the end of the first quarter of this year, information on documents confirming the safety check will appear for all products entered into the national labeling system.

Information from the electronic registers of RusAccreditation about certificates of conformity issued for goods and declarations of conformity began to enter the State Information System for Monitoring the Turnover of Goods Subject to Mandatory Labeling with Identification Means (GIS GL). Information exchange is built through a system of interdepartmental electronic interaction.

From the registers of the Federal Service for Accreditation to GIS GL information about 4.3 million documents was transferred confirming the verification of goods for safety. Of these there are about 3 million declarations and 1.3 million certificates. In turn, the registers of the national accreditation body are enriched with information about goods from the GIS GL.

Now manufacturers and suppliers, when entering information about labeled goods into the GIS GL product catalog, can choose a certificate or declaration of conformity of the goods to the established safety requirements from the Federal Government Information System of RusAccreditation. For two months of mutual information exchange, data on permits have already been added to 9.6 thousand product cards.

The national catalog is a component of the “Honest Mark” unified system of digital marking and tracking of goods, where information on goods in circulation on the Russian market is entered and verified. This is the first time such a directory is being created. There are already 7.1 million cards in the catalog of branded goods, the largest group being shoes. After accumulating the data, the buyer will be able to check the information on permits for a specific product directly in the “Honest Mark” application.