Russia asks Belgium to suspend certification of feed and feed additives shipped to Russia


Rosselkhoznadzor, in the course of laboratory monitoring of feed products entering Russia, identified in the composition of feed for horses produced by the Belgian company Interagri Dumoulin S.A. (αBE4016), unregistered GM components. Since 2018, this is already the 8th case of GMO detection in feed from Belgium.

Rosselkhoznadzor has repeatedly informed the veterinary service of this country that if such violations continue to be detected, the supply of feed and feed additives to Russia may be limited. The agency announced the need to stop the export of GM products or go through the procedure for registering them in the Russian Federation.

However, appropriate measures were not taken by the Belgian Veterinary Service, as evidenced by another case of detection of GM components in horse feed.

In addition, the Belgian department has not yet provided the necessary amount of materials on the previously identified violations, and in some cases, the Belgian side has not responded in principle.

In addition, an inspection of Belgian enterprises exporting feed products to the Russian Federation conducted by the Rosselkhoznadzor in September 2021 showed that the Belgian veterinary service has a control system with uncertain effectiveness. Rosselkhoznadzor specialists identified a number of systemic deficiencies, including a low level of laboratory control.

In connection with the above, from October 23, 2021, the Rosselkhoznadzor prohibits the import of Interagri Dumoulin S.A. products into Russia.

In addition, a letter was sent to the Federal Food Safety Agency of Belgium with a request from October 23, 2021 to suspend the shipment to Russia of feed and feed additives, including plant origin, chemical and microbiological synthesis, the import of which is carried out without being accompanied by veterinary certificates.

The cancellation of such a measure can be considered only after the Belgian side submits the investigation materials on all the revealed facts of violations in the supply of feed products to Russia.