Certification of products for Russia

Most of the goods that are imported for sale in Russia are subject to mandatory state conformity assessment (certification). This legal requirement makes it possible to protect the population from low-quality goods that negatively affect human health. Certification for Russia in Florida is carried out in different state systems depending on the type and purpose of the declared goods.

Certification of Products for Exports to Russia is required for their legal production, import and distribution. For non-compliance with this requirement (lack of a mandatory certificate), the company will pay a fine and the products will be confiscated.

Product quality assessment on the territory of Russia is carried out within the framework of the requirements that the state has enshrined in legislative acts. In some cases, certification is mandatory, and sometimes it is voluntary. In both cases, permissive Certificates for Russia are issued. It is they who certify that the product has successfully passed all the checks and can be freely circulated on the market of our country.

There is a list of goods, which includes products that are subject to mandatory certification of goods in Russian Certification Services in USA. Documents obtained within the framework of the certification system can be used in all regions of Russia.

Today, most of the goods are no longer certified in accordance with GOST – this system is gradually being abolished. Its place is taken by the EAEU TR system, which today is extended The system Certificates for Russia is also used in other EAEU countries – in particular, in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Quality assessment objectives:

  1. Ensuring the legality of the production of goods
  2. Impossibility of import / export, as well as customs inspection
  3. Impossibility to sell goods

Russian Certification and Permitting of products to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is one of the most important mechanisms for ensuring product quality and compliance with its technical standards. The safety and security of users must be guaranteed.

To approve the EAC certificate of conformity Permit To Use (PTU), a company must go through the certification procedure at any official certification center. In this case, the applicant must be an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity registered legally and permanently on the territory of one of the member countries of the union. 

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