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Russia in 2021 reduced the import of fresh and frozen meat by 17.2% compared to the figure for 2020 – up to 223 thousand tons, the volume of purchases of poultry meat increased by 5.8% – up to 242.2 thousand tons, follows from the materials of the Federal customs service (FTS).

The import of fish to the Russian Federation for the year increased by 9.9% – up to 433.6 thousand tons, and the export of fish over this period decreased by 12.2% – to 1.513 million tons. At the same time, imports of raw sugar increased by 22.9% to 10.5 thousand tons, while white sugar decreased by 10.6% to 150.7 thousand tons.

Imports of condensed milk and cream decreased by 12% to 130.5 thousand tons, butter – by 6.1% to 125.3 thousand tons, cheese and cottage cheese – increased by 4.1% to 325.8 thousand tons . Imports of meat and canned meat products increased by 14.5% to 22.3 thousand tons.

In turn, imports of soybeans to Russia in 2021 decreased by 3.2% and amounted to 2.007 million tons, palm oil – increased by 7.2%, to 1.099 million tons. Imports of cocoa beans decreased by 3.4%, to 67.6 thousand tons, cocoa butter increased by 16.8%, to 40.9 thousand tons, and imports of products containing cocoa, by 15%, to 145 .5 thousand tons.

Imports of citrus fruits in 2021 increased by 0.6%, amounting to 1.711 million tons, imports of bananas decreased by 4.1%, to 1.453 million tons, apples – by 6.8%, to 965.7 thousand tons. Coffee imports increased by 5.4% to 243.4 thousand tons, tea – by 4.1% to 157.9 thousand tons.

The export of vodka from Russia increased by 6.4% over the year to 2.439 million decaliters. Imports of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in dollar terms grew by 18.7% to $3.363 billion, cigarettes and cigars grew by 64.9% to $93.8 million. Imports of raw tobacco decreased in physical terms by 4.9% to 143.9 thousand tons.