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German business noted the growth of exports from Germany to the Russian Federation and Russian imports for six months

The export was facilitated by a noticeable growth in the conjuncture in Russia, said the head of the Eastern Committee of the German economy, Oliver Hermes.

Exports from Germany to Russia grew by 14 pp in the first half of 2021, and imports from Russia to Germany – by 36 pp. Oliver Hermes, head of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy (OAOEV), said this at a press conference on Wednesday …

“The increase in imports is due to the rise in energy prices, while exports were facilitated by a noticeable increase in the conjuncture in Russia,” he said. “Our expectations from the future government of Germany are very important,” added the head of the committee. “One of our requirements is that relations with Russia be improved, that various formats of dialogue are used,” the head of the committee said.