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The US Department of Commerce clarified new restrictions on the export of industrial products to Russia

The US Department of Commerce released a written statement on Monday explaining new export restrictions on Russia for industrial products, including engines and bulldozers, announced on Sunday. The corresponding explanation is placed in the collection of official documents of the American government – the so-called federal register. As noted in the ministry, in response to the conduct of a military special operation in Ukraine, the Ministry of Commerce “expands existing sanctions against Russian industrial sectors, introducing the requirement for obtaining a license for the export, re-export or transfer to Russia and within the country of additional goods subject to” US rules on control over export. This decision means that deliveries to Russia of industrial products from the list of departments must be carried out on the basis of licenses, which in most cases will most likely be refused. Thus, the meaning of the sanctions from the Ministry of Trade, according to the notice, is “introducing additional requirements for licensing and restricting access to most license exceptions for export, re-export and transfer within the country.” When considering license applications in accordance with the sanctions regime, there will be a “presumption of refusal”, that is, most likely, such applications will be rejected. “This policy of reviewing license applications on a case-by-case basis would allow discretion to grant licenses for products that meet humanitarian needs, while simultaneously denying discretion to license goods that could generate income to support Russia’s military capabilities,” – explained in the document. The list of products subject to export restrictions, in particular, includes industrial engines, bulldozers, wood products, boilers, motors, fans, ventilation equipment, drinking water coolers, ice machines, oil separation equipment, sewing machines and needles, equipment for television and radio broadcasting