TR CU Labeling

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree amending the procedure for access to information of the Honest Sign digital marking and tracking system. Amendments to the 1955 decree regulate the issue of providing businesses with access to information from the system.

Producers and importers who are registered in “Honest Sign” will be able to receive information from the operator of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies system about the current owner of the goods they have released, the number of goods in circulation and sold. They will also have access to information on the quantity of goods sold down to the addresses of the points of sale and access to data on the average retail prices for their goods at the entity level.

Industries working in the labeling system have regularly approached ministries and the government over the past years to provide access to this data.

This will allow the business to increase its efficiency:
In logistics – understanding the most efficient and high-quality distribution channels
In marketing – by carrying out promotions and programs of Labor productivity – the possession of data makes it possible to eliminate human errors and automate most of the processes.

According to estimates by the Higher School of Economics, access to the system’s data will make it possible to annually replenish the budget by 121 billion rubles (thanks to an increase in the production of bona fide companies and an increase in tax revenues). More than 70 billion rubles will be additional receipts from excise taxes on tobacco, 13 billion from income tax, 32 billion from personal income tax and social contributions, 6 billion from other taxes.

Business from access to data can receive up to 200 billion of additional income annually, the most beneficial are the dairy products (53 billion rubles a year), tobacco (34 billion rubles), confectionery (32 billion rubles) and pharmaceuticals (31 billion rubles) …